Ah, blogging…

I’ve missed it (sort of) and feel guilty (mildly) that I haven’t been very active in the blogosphere.  I’m going to try to amend that… but I AM very (okay, too) active on Facebook; you can also find me on Twitter at @KarenMacInerney.
There are lots of books on the horizon, and the web site will reflect that soon; my new mystery, Mother’s Day Out, will be out this summer (I’ll post a teaser soon), and a Gray Whale Inn short story called Blueberry Blues will be available on Amazon today.  There will be two more Gray Whale Inn mysteries forthcoming (turning in #5 tomorrow), as well as a few other books that are in various stages of development.
Ta for now, and please come find me on Facebook and Twitter; I spend way too much time on both!

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