Mother’s Little Helper

May 16, 2017, Thomas & Mercer

In the third novel in Karen MacInerney’s madcap series, murder proves a welcome distraction to the zany adventures and quirky characters in PI Margie Peterson’s life.

Private investigator/single mom Margie Peterson barely has time for breakfast, let alone to hit the gym. But when Austin Heights PTA president Pansy Parker hires her to find out who’s been embezzling PTA funds, that’s exactly where Margie ends up…finding Pansy dangling upside down from a Nautilus machine. But the PTA president’s not alone: the dead body of a personal trainer is there, too. And now she’s facing murder charges.

To find out what really happened, Margie goes undercover as a Brazilian body waxer and an energy drink bottler. What she discovers stinks worse than a pair of sweaty gym socks.

But that’s not all. Margie’s husband is living with his Madonna-impersonating boyfriend; her boss keeps setting her up on disastrous dates, including one with a vengeful sock puppet named Marshmallow; her daughter’s fry phone is being held hostage; and her pet piglet, Twinkles, ran off after a sausage-smuggling streaker.

Can Margie pull out the big guns to find the real killer, save the fry phone, and recover Twinkles—before it’s too late?

Mother Knows Best

Margie Peterson Mysteries, Book 2
March 15, 2016, Thomas & Mercer

Margie’s back… and things, as usual, are not going swimmingly. Her husband, Blake, is claiming his taste for drag queens is “just a phase.” Her first-grade daughter isn’t fitting in at her new posh elementary school. And her hippie mother has swept into town and replaced the family’s store of processed foods with seaweed snacks.  Add in a dead headmaster and a renegade pig named Bubba Sue, and you’ve got all the ingredients for another rollicking romp.

More five-star reviews for Margie and the gang…

“This is the kind of book that has you binge reading. You keep turning pages and suddenly you realize it’s 2 a.m. and you’re still reading. I’ll confess I read it all in one day/night. If you haven’t read any of MacInerney’s books before, you need to. Go! Now! You won’t regret it.”


“This is undoubtedly one of the funniest, most entertaining, series I’ve ever read, and I’m an avid cozy/mystery reader. Margie, the stay at home mother of two turned PI is the ultimate character.”


“Plainly stated, this book combines regular, family, middle-class, everyday issues with off the wall, ridiculously humorous antics, to create wonderful story!! 5+++ stars!!!”


“Simply a MUST read!!!”


Mother’s Day Out

Margie Peterson Mysteries, Book 1
April 15, 2014, Thomas & Mercer

Margie Peterson is a typical stay-at-home mom until she trades dishes for detective work to become Austin’s least likely PI. Soon she’s knee-deep in cheating husbands, transvestites, and trouble in a laugh-out-loud new mystery from award-winning author Karen MacInerney.

What readers are saying about Margie and Peaches…

“It’s a hoot… Evanovich fans will quickly fall in love with Margie.”


“My sides hurt from laughing at some of the predicaments Margie finds herself in.  I can’t wait for Margie’s next assignment.”


“I downloaded this book late one evening and did not begin reading until the next day, needless to say I’m finishing at 2:15 a.m. the next morning. I could not put it down… I highly recommend and I’m eagerly awaiting another Margie Peterson Mystery.”


“The amazing twists in the plot left me rolling in laughter. I was sorry when I reached the end… I can hardly wait to read about the further adventures of Margie and Peaches! I have recommended this delight to a number of friends who have called to thank me and let me know that they have a new favorite private eye.”


“Karen MacInerney serves absurd with a very satisfying side of `I’ll have another slice of that, thank you very much.’ What can I say about Mother’s Day Out? Dude, I don’t even know where to start.”

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