The Gray Whale Inn Kitchen

This collection of recipes from Natalie’s Gray Whale Inn kitchen includes recipes from the first six books, both short stories… and a bonus recipe! The cookbook also features an introduction from Karen and a bonus first chapter of Whale of a Crime.   The Gray Whale Inn Kitchen will be available for $2.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble… or FREE if you’re a newsletter subscriber! (You can sign up at the top of the page!)

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Whale of a Crime

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Coming soon… the seventh Gray Whale Inn mystery! More details coming soon… watch this space!

Death Runs Adrift

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Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, #6
May 1, 2014, Midnight Ink

With her own wedding fast approaching and her mother-in-law dating an unexpected beau, the last thing Natalie Barnes needs is to find a young man shot dead in a dinghy. A note she finds with the body suggests the dearly departed had a secret rendezvous planned with somebody on the island. But when suspicion is cast on a fisherman Natalie believes to be innocent, she begins to wonder if the murder was the result of a lover’s quarrel . . . or a lobsterman’s disagreement gone horribly wrong.

Brush with Death

May 2013, Midnight Ink Books
ISBN: 978-0738734590

For Natalie Barnes, the flurry of trendy artists setting up shop on Cranberry Island promises to be the perfect recipe for relaxing and enjoying the holiday season. But Natalie’s good luck is turning out to be a stroke of misfortune for her niece, Gwen. The local gallery’s new owner hates Gwen’s paintings, and her mentor Fernand is too distracted by a competing artist to help Gwen improve her style.

When Natalie finds Fernand dead, seemingly the victim of suicide, she can’t believe someone who had so much joy and success in his life would kill himself. Finding clues at Fernand’s home that support her suspicion of murder, Natalie’s hunt for answers places her next on the killer’s list. Will she be able to solve this murder masterpiece before it’s too late?

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Murder Most Maine

November 2008, Midnight Ink Books
ISBN: 978-0738713007

It’s springtime on Cranberry Island — and love is in the air. It seems like every woman has the hots for buff trainer Dirk De Leon. He and his equally-gorgeous business partner, Vanessa Black, are leading a weight-loss retreat at the Gray Whale Inn — forcing innkeeper Natalie Barnes to lighten up her butter-laden breakfast menu.

The mood on the island darkens when two grisly discoveries are made. The first is a skeleton walled up at the island’s lighthouse. The second is a corpse of the fresh variety — the handsome Dirk! Could the spirit that once embodied the skeletal remains — perhaps the lighthouse keeper who disappeared a century ago — be responsible for Dirk’s death?

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Dead and Berried

February 2007 , Midnight Ink Books
ISBN: 978-0738709147

Cool autumn winds may be sweeping across Cranberry Island, but for innkeeper Natalie Barnes, things are just heating up. On her way to pick cranberries one crisp morning, Natalie makes a grisly discovery: her part-time helper Polly Sarkes, dead of a gunshot wound to the chest.

But murder isn’t Natalie’s only problem. Late at night, ghostly footsteps have been creaking across the attic floor of the inn, leading Natalie to discover that the inn has an unsolved mystery of its own. And when ex-fiance Benjamin Portlock sweeps into town with a gallon Natalie’s favorite ice cream — and an engagement ring — relations with her handsome neighbor John turn as chilly as a Maine October night.

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Murder on the Rocks

May 2006, Midnight Ink Books
ISBN: 0-7387-0908-5

Thirty-eight-year-old Natalie Barnes has quit her job, sold her house, and gambled everything on the Gray Whale Inn on Cranberry Island, Maine. But she’s barely fired up the stove when portly developer Bernard Katz rolls into town with a plan to replace the endangered terns next door with a golf resort — and replace the Gray Whale Inn with a parking lot.

When the town board approves Katz’s development, it looks like things couldn’t get worse for Natalie. Then she discovers his body at the base of a cliff — and the police finger her as the killer.

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