Thank you for the wonderful reviews!

Great reviews are pouring in for Whale of a Crime… and I am absolutely delighted! Congrats to Lisa Miller Adkins, who won the Kindle Fire, and the seven winners of Gray Whale Inn books… I really hope you enjoy them! I am so thankful for my readers; you inspire me every day!

Right now, we’re working to finalize the cover for Mother’s Little Helper... I can’t wait for you to read the third Margie Peterson mystery… and I’m getting started on the third Dewberry Farm mystery, Deadly Brew.  Lots more coming soon… and thank you so much for your support! I couldn’t do any of this without you.

WHALE OF A CRIME Kindle Fire Giveaway!

KarenMacInerney_WhaleofaTimefinalThe long-awaited seventh Gray Whale Inn mystery is almost here! WHALE OF A CRIME will be out January 16th, and I can’t wait for you to visit Cranberry Island with me again! Starting January 9, I will be hosting a seven-day countdown giveaway, with prizes including signed books and one brand new Kindle Fire.  Sign up for the newsletter or join me on Facebook for more details…  I’ll be sending newsletter subscribers Natalie’s favorite Texas Sheet Cake recipe soon.

Happy 2017… lots more coming soon (including new covers for Tales of an Urban Werewolf and a third Margie book, MOTHER’S LITTLE HELPER, which is now available for pre-order!)

Fatal Frost is almost out… and come see me at Bouchercon or Comic Con!!

MacInerney-FatalFrost-22031-CV-FT-V4First, just a little reminder that Fatal Frost is up for pre-order… and it will be out in October!  It’s a holiday mystery… with mulled wine, candied almonds, goats, and, of course, a dead body or two.  I really hope you enjoy it!

And second, September is turning out to be an active month for me.  I’m going to be at Bouchercon in New Orleans from September 15 – 18, and I’ll be speaking on a panel at Austin Comic Con, which is September 23 – 25.  Come out and see me if you can… I would love to meet you!

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It’s back to the word processor for me… but more soon!

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People have been asking me for YEARS to compile the recipes from the Gray Whale Inn mysteries… and I finally did!

You can buy The Gray Whale Inn Kitchen, which includes ALL the recipes from the first six Gray Whale Inn books, the two short stories, and a bonus recipe, at Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $2.99… or, as a gift to subscribers, download it for free.

Just fill in the blank at the top of the page with your e-mail address, look for the confirmation e-mail, and I’ll send you the link for a free download to your Kindle, e-reader, tablet, or laptop.  I’ll also send you deleted scenes, subscriber-only stories, recipes, and more.

As a bonus, the first chapter of Whale of a Crime (which will be available for pre-order in October) is included at the end of the book.  If you make one of the recipes, please send me a photo; I may tweet or post it!

Happy back-to-school time (my word count has gone up exponentially, and I’m thrilled)… and I’m browsing fall recipes now.  Check back soon for my favorite… and more news on Fatal Frost, Whale of a Crime, Mother’s Little Helper, and all the other projects I’m working on!

Fatal Frost and Whale of a Crime

MacInerney-FatalFrost-22031-CV-FT-V4 First, we have a cover for Fatal Frost, the second Dewberry Farm mystery, and I love it! The book is available for pre-order now, and will be out in October.  I really hope you enjoy the second installment of Lucy’s adventures in Buttercup!

Second, I’ve gotten tons of e-mails asking about the Gray Whale Inn… and several readers have expressed concern that the series may be over.

It’s not!

KarenMacInerney_WhaleofaTimefinalThe seventh Gray Whale Inn mystery, Whale of a Crime, is 2/3 complete and will be out in 2017… although it is not up for pre-order yet, it will be soon! As a teaser, here’s the cover… and if you sign up for the newsletter (look at the top of the page!), you’ll be getting a link to download The Gray Whale Inn Kitchen — which includes the first chapter of the book — in August.

It’s back to the word processor for me, but the book pages will be up shortly… and more news soon!

Fatal Frost (Dewberry Farm #2) available for pre-order, free Gray Whale Inn cookbook… and Margie’s only $2.00 until the end of July!

Lots of things going on this month! First, both books in the Margie Peterson series are in the Kindle 50 Books for $2.00 list this July… snap them up before they disappear! (Or you can buy both books for only $3.60… a steal!) I’m busy wrapping up the third book in the series, Mother’s Little Helper, now… more news soon.KarenMacInerney_GrayWhaleInnCookbook

Second Fatal Frost is available for pre-order! This Dewberry Farm holiday mystery will be out in October… I can’t wait for you to meet Gidget and Hot Lips, the new additions to Lucy’s farm!

Third, I’m almost done formatting The Gray Whale Inn Kitchen… this compendium of Gray Whale Inn recipes will be available in August as a $2.99 e-book… or free to newsletter subscribers.  I’ll be sending subscribers an e-mail with instructions for downloading as soon as it’s ready, which will be in the next few weeks.  You can sign up to receive your copy at the top of the home page (you’ll also receive subscriber-only bonus material like free stories, recipes, deleted scenes, and updates from MacInerney Mayhem)… in the meantime, for daily updates, please feel free to check in with me at my author page on Facebook.

And last but not least, if you live in Austin, I’ll be on a panel discussing writing groups at 7:00 Thursday, July 21 at BookPeople.  (For details, click here.) I hope to see you there!

Mystery Workshop… and a literary update!

The second Margie Peterson mystery, available March 2016

The second Margie Peterson mystery, available March 2016

I’m going to stop referring to myself in the third person — it feels so stuffy — and tell you straight-out that I am teaching a class May 7! It’s called Taking the Mystery out of Writing Mysteries, and it’s my favorite class and topic.  You can find the link to sign up here.  I cannot promise to look just like my author photo, but you’ll know me because I’m the person standing in the front of the room.  I can’t wait to show you my magic book map. 🙂

On the book front, things are going swimmingly (yes, it’s been raining a lot in Austin).  Mother Know Best  came out in April, and has gotten tons of great reviews, which is very encouraging, since I’m working on the third in that series now.  I just discovered yesterday that one of the characters is a Cher impersonator.  Who knew? (Outline, schmoutline.)

Fatal Frost, the second Dewberry Farm mystery, is scheduled for October, and if the stars align, Whale of a Crime (Gray Whale Inn #7!) will be out this summer.  I’ll post links as I have them.  In the meantime, send the muses encouraging thoughts.  I’m going to be spending a lot of quality time with my laptop!

Back to the grindstone, I’m afraid… but I’ll be back as soon as I have links to new books!

Goodreads Giveaway: Mother Knows Best

The second Margie Peterson mystery, out March 2016

The second Margie Peterson mystery, out March 2016

Margie’s second adventure is just around the corner! Mother Knows Best will be out March 15, 2016, but if you want to enter to win a free copy, visit Goodreads and sign up!

Early reviews are glowing, and I can’t wait for you to meet Bubba Sue the “teacup” pig and visit with the rest of the gang.  Here’s the book description:

Things aren’t going well for private investigator and mom Margie Peterson. Her husband, Blake, is claiming his taste for drag queens is “just a phase.” Her first-grade daughter isn’t fitting in at her new posh elementary school, Holy Oaks Catholic School. And her hippie mother has swept into town and replaced the family’s store of processed foods with seaweed snacks. To top it all off, a late-night phone call from her boss, Peaches Barlowe, has pulled Margie into a very strange murder case, one that involves the Holy Oaks headmaster, George Cavendish. Poor man—he just happened to die in a dominatrix’s pink vinyl wading pool while wearing nothing but Aquaman tights and goggles.

As it turns out, there are a lot of people who might have wanted Mr. Cavendish dead, from his bereaved, betrayed widow to the shady owners of the local strip joint. Not even Margie’s best friend, whose daughter didn’t get into Holy Oaks, is above suspicion. Can the overtaxed PI solve the case before things get even weirder?

The giveaway lasts through March 15.  Good luck, and I hope you have fun with Margie’s second adventure!


January Writing Retreat with Karen!

New Year Ahead road signHave you (or a friend) always wanted to write a novel, but aren’t sure where to start — or even what kind of book to write? Have a dozen or more “story starts” abandoned in your Word files and feeling demoralized? Halfway through your first novel only to have it screech to a halt? Join Karen for a weekend retreat in quaint Fayetteville, Texas and get the mojo you need to get your novel started or back on track — and FINISHED — in 2016!

In an intimate setting, Karen will give you the confidence and tools to finish your novel… and get started on the next one! She’ll teach you how to decide what to write, how to piece together the nuts and bolts of a novel, how to craft a protagonist your readers will relate to, how to make conflict your friend, how to break a story down into manageable chunks, and even how to decide what to write. You’ll have an opportunity to ‘plot’ a sample novel, and Karen will share the tools she uses to figure out how to get from Chapter One to The End. Karen will also talk about writing schedules, enlisting support — and what to do with your book once you’ve finished it.
Karen’s former students include Janice Hamrick, whose debut novel, DEATH ON TOUR, won the Mystery Writers of America/Minotaur Books First Crime Novel competition and was nominated for the Mary Higgins Clark Award, and Mo Daviau, whose debut novel, EVERY ANXIOUS WAVE, will be released from St. Martin’s Press in 2016.
Workshop space is limited (there are only 5 spaces left), so register early!

Dates: January 29 – January 31
Proposed schedule (may vary based on group needs):

Friday Night: Wine and cheese with Karen and group from 7:00 – 9:00

Saturday Morning:
8:00 – 9:00 — Breakfast
9:00 – 12:00 — It’s not a marathon; it’s a series of short strolls! Putting things into perspective. Choosing a manageable — and marketable — project. Breaking down the novel, analyzing types of books, book mapping tools. Plotting practice exercise.
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch
1:00 – 5:00 — Nuts and bolts of writing: Unraveling the scene, creating tension and suspense, subplots, characters, conflict, and points of style. (Will vary based on needs of participants.) More plotting practice!
6:00 – 7:30 Dinner at local restaurant
7:30 – 9:00 Karen will be available for chatting, questions, etc. in hotel living room

8:00 — Breakfast
9:00 – 12:00 — Making it happen: Now that you’ve got a road map, what do you do? How to make — and stick to — a writing schedule that will keep you moving. The power of commitment and a supportive community. And what to do when you’re done with your novel!
12:00 – 1:00 — Lunch
1:00 – 3:30 Wrap-up, questions… then go home and make it happen!

Cost: $285 (not including accommodation and meals — if you are staying at the Country Place Hotel in Fayetteville, Texas, the Heimsaths will provide a delicious full breakfast with your room). There are only eight rooms at the hotel, so reserve ASAP; alternate accommodations in town are available if needed.

To register, e-mail your name, address, phone number, where you are in the writing process, the kind of book you think you want to write (if you know), and what you most want out of the weekend to  You can use PayPal (account is or mail a check to Karen MacInerney c/o Heimsath Architects, 7509 Manchaca Road, Building 4, Austin, TX 78745.

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